Enhance The Look and Feel of Your House with New Millwork

pocket door Norwalk, CT
This pocket door from our Norwalk, CT renovation includes custom casing and polished chrome hardware

Increase the appeal and value of your home with new moldings.  Craftsman Contracting specializes in finish carpentry, including cabinet installation, replacement doors and trim upgrades.

If you are looking to replace the doors in your Norwalk home, or if you would like to add crown molding or upgrade your existing trim, let the remodeling experts at Craftsman Contracting help you transform your home.

Craftsman Contracting LLC is a home remodeling contractor based out of Norwalk, CT and serving most of Fairfield County.  We specialize in remodeling homes and fine finish carpentry.  Craftsman Contracting stands out among other home improvement contractors due to our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction.  When you hire Craftsman Contracting to remodel your home, you can rest assured that your project will get completed on time, on budget, and to your extreme satisfaction.

Home Improvement and Carpentry Services in Norwalk, CT:

  • Interior door installation
  • Entry door installation
  • Storm door installation
  • Baseboard and window/door casing installation/upgrade
  • Crown molding installation
  • Custom carpentry
  • Millwork installations
  • Custom built-in’s and cabinetry installations
Door and trim in Wilton, CT
This newly installed door and casing in this Wilton, CT home is a huge upgrade from what was previously there

By changing the trim in your house, you can instantly improve upon the whole look and feel of the home.  Whether you would like to add a simple, elegant crown molding to your dining room, or want to overhaul all the outdated, small trim throughout the house, we at Craftsman Contracting have you covered.  With the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide you with not only the right moldings to fit your home, but also the ability to execute even the toughest installations, Craftsman Contracting is your choice for all your home improvement needs.

Here are a few things to consider when planning a home renovation in Norwalk, CT

Style of House

Some styles of home in the Norwalk area include Modern, Ranch, Bungalow, Colonial and Victorian.  When performing a home renovation, it is important to understand the differences of each and which trim profiles would best serve your home’s style.  Contemporary or modern houses lend itself to sleek lines, very little detail, and a blended look to the walls.  While a traditional Colonial will tend to have larger moldings with lots of detail which really stand out from its surroundings.  It is equally important not to mix and match different style trim profiles in the same house.  A door casing with ornate details would look out of place next to a flat baseboard and a slab door.


Ever walk into a house and the millwork just doesn’t “feel” right?  It’s as if your mind knows that something is wrong, but you aren’t sure exactly what it is.  Often times, this is due to the moldings not being sized properly.  A room with a 7’ ceiling shouldn’t have the same size trim as a room with 10’ ceilings.  We don’t often see small rooms with trim that is too big.  More often it is the trim which is too small for the room.  From crown molding, to chair rail size and location, to baseboard and door casing, guidelines for these proportions have been established long ago.  It is important that when remodeling your home, to understand what size moldings would look and feel “right” in your home.

Crown Molding, Norwalk CT
Crown molding installed in our Norwalk, CT renovation

Paint Grade vs Stain Grade

This can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home.  Newly installed trim with a fresh coat of white paint will give a clean, bright feel to your home.  While that same trim with a wood stain will give a much warmer, softer look and feel.  Also, whether you plan to paint or stain your trim will affect the type of wood that is used.  Paint grade millwork is typically poplar or pine.  Stain grade millwork will usually be a hardwood, such as oak, mahogany or cherry.

Why Choose Craftsman Contracting For Your Carpentry Remodeling Project?

We at Craftsman Contracting pride ourselves on our attention to detail we give to each and every home we work on as if it were our own.  This ensures the highest level of quality and craftsmanship in everything we do.

A professional home renovation project relies on careful planning, excellent communication, precision & accuracy, and the contractor’s ability to understand your vision and execute the plan without excuses.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss updating your home’s millwork, then give us a call (203) 642-3343 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.