Considering Open-Floor Concept?

Installing a structural beam in Norwalk, CT
In this Norwalk, CT home remodel, we installed (3) steel beams to allow for an open floor concept. This beam is being craned into an attic window to be installed from above.

Craftsman Contracting LLC specializes in structural renovations

Have you just moved into a home in the Wilton area?  Are you looking for a contractor to transform your closed-off, divided house into a beautiful open-floor plan with clear sight lines?  Craftsman Contracting is ready and able to open up the look of your Wilton home.

Homes throughout Fairfield County were originally built with many small rooms, chopping up the house into defined sections.  However, the trends today have leaned towards open-floor plan, creating wide open spaces throughout the main living area.  Great for hosting parties, or keeping an eye on children while preparing dinner, the open-concept house is one of the most popular requests we at Craftsman Contracting receive from clients remodeling their home.

Load-Bearing vs Partition

When taking down walls, the number one question is always “Is this a load-bearing wall?”  In other words, is there a load from the floor above or the roof that is being supported by the wall which will be removed?  If not, then it is a partition wall and can often be removed without requiring any beams.  Often times, however, the wall is supporting a load from above.  These circumstances require a professional contractor with the knowledge and experience to properly and safely transfer the load from the wall to a new beam.  Craftsman Contracting has a team of skilled professionals, including structural engineers, to properly size your new beam, as well as any posts needed to support the beam.  It is critical that when performing any major structural alterations such as this, the contractor performing the work knows what he is doing, and has done this type of work before.

Flush Beam or Drop Beam

Steel beam being lifted in place in Norwalk, CT home renovation
A special lift was used on this Norwalk, CT home remodel to lift the heavy steel beam into place. Once installed, all walls will be removed to provide an open floor plan.

Another important thing to consider is the type of beam to be installed.  If you are looking for your Wilton home to have a flat ceiling that is all one plane from end to end, then you will want a flush beam.  A flush beam is placed into the ceiling, making the bottom of the beam and bottom of the ceiling joists on the same plane.  While this provides the cleanest look, it also increases the cost of the job.  Alternatively, you can install a drop beam.  A drop beam rests under the load above, and protrudes through the ceiling.  A drop beam has several benefits over a flush beam.  Besides cost, a drop beam can provide a location where crown molding or a ceiling detail such as a coffered ceiling can terminate.

Removing walls always requires several other tasks to be completed.  Tying in flooring and trim from what used to be two different rooms, moving electrical wires, re-routing plumbing and patching walls and ceilings are just a few things involved when walls are removed.  This is why it is so important to hire a professional that is well versed in residential remodeling and has a team of experts.

Besides creating an open-floor space, many older homes in the Wilton area have structural issues which require repair.  From cracked joists, to sagging ceilings and out of level floors, Craftsman Contracting handles it all.  Capable of performing all work involved, we can quickly diagnose, repair, and put back together any structural issues your home may be experiencing.

Craftsman Contracting LLC is a home improvement and home remodeling specialist in Fairfield County.  From beginning to end, our team of experts is here to perform any structural alterations your home may need.


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