Deck Repairs Completed By Craftsman Contracting.

A Challenging Composite Deck Repair Project

Deck Repairs Completed By Craftsman Contracting.
This Deck Was Damaged In A Wind Storm. Craftsman Contracting Replaced The Railings – See More Below.

In the top picture you will see a completed repair to a deck which was damaged during a storm. This project posed some difficult challenges. A tree had struck the deck, damaging several sections of railing as well as a large portion of the border of the deck. Unfortunately for the client, the original decking and railing was a first generation composite material, and is no longer available, so simply replacing the damaged pieces with the same material was impossible.

Financial constraints removed the option of removing all of the decking and providing a brand new deck. So Craftsman Contracting provided the owners with a cost-effective solution which would also provide a stylish look while blending in with the original decking.

We removed all the existing railing, and replaced with new, no-maintenance TimberTech railings as you can see in the following picture:

Deck Repair Services by Craftsman Contracting.
We Replaced The Railings With New, No-Maintenance TimberTech Railings.

We also carefully cut back the existing decking so that all the damaged material was removed. We then installed a contrasting composite deck board from TimberTech, using color matched screws and plugs to provide a clean, finished look, as you can see in the following picture:

Contrasting Timber-Tech Border. Installed By Craftsman Contracting of Norwalk CT.
Contrasting Timber-Tech Border.

This provided a nice border around the entire deck, which not only repaired the damaged deck boards, but also gave a much more finished look then how the original
deck was constructed. While this job required some thoughtful planning, performing the work proved to be just as tricky in order to execute a seamless transition.

In this picture you will see the use of Craftsman Contracting’s specialized rail saw being used to precisely cut the existing decking

Using a Rail Saw To Cut The Deck With Precision.
Using a Rail Saw To Cut The Deck With Precision.

This equipment allows for a perfect cut across the decking, as well as providing nearly 100% dust collection through our dust collection system, making this job virtually dust-free.

And in this final picture you will see the damaged decking removed, new posts installed, and the deck ready for finishes.

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